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Who We Are

Accura Systems, Inc.

Since 1989, Accura Systems, Inc. has been a manufacturer, distributor, and producer of high performance architectural building products for commercial construction.

Accura is the choice of glazing contractors when the design criteria of the building demands custom engineering and thinking outside the box. In-house designers, engineers, and project managers are dedicated to producing one-of-a-kind systems to meet even the most exacting specifications and building codes.

Accura develops customized systems following the design intent and specifications of the building’s design professionals. Known for the quality of their aluminum and steel framing systems, Accura manufactures and assembles unitized curtainwall systems, window systems, skylights, as well as hurricane, blast and ballistic resistant framing systems. Accura Patriot Enhanced Systems is one of the many examples of Accura’s commitment to producing the highest performing framing systems in the industry.

1900 Pearl

Location: Dallas, TX

Architect: HKS, Dallas, TX

ACCEL Unitized Curtainwall System

BP America High Performance Computing Center

Location: Houson, TX

Architect: HOK, Houston, TX

ARION-WALL Unitized Curtainwall 3″ x 9-3/16″


Location: Midland, TX

Architect: HOK, Houston, TX

ARION-WALL Unitized Curtainwall System

FBI Houston

Location: Houston, TX

Architect: Leo A. Daly & Lan and
Page, Southerland, Page, Houston, TX

PATRIOT Blast Resistant Fixed Window System

Founders Square

Location: Arlington, VA

Architect: RTKL, Dallas, TX

PATRIOT Blast Resistant Unitized Curtainwall System

5th & Colorado

Location: Austin, TX

Architect: HKS, Dallas, TX

I-WALL Curtainwall Framing System

I-WALL Vertically Silicone Glazed Curtainwall Framing System

ACCQ-WALL 4-sided Silicone Glazed Curtainwall System

International Spy Museum

Location: Washington, DC

Architect: Hickok Cole, Washington, DC

ACCQ-WALL Curtainwall Framing System

International Union of Operating Engineers

Location: Crosby, TX

Architect: Calvin J. Coatsworth Architects, PC, Point Roberts, WA

ACCQ-WALL Curtainwall Framing System

Parklawn North

Location: North Bethesda, MD

Architect: Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, Inc.,
Washington, DC

ARION-WALL Unitized Curtainwall System

ARION-WALL Custom Unitized Fixed Window Wall System

Pinnacle Baton Rouge

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Architect: Manning Architects, New Orleans, LA

ACCQ-WALL Curtainwall Framing System

ACCQ-WALL High Span Curtainwall Framing System

ACCQ-WALL Unitized Curtainwall System

Washington State Football Stadium

Location: Seattle, WA

Architect: Ellerbe Becket Architects, Minneapolis, MN

Custom ACCQ-WALL Curtainwall System

Custom ACCQ-WALL High Span Curtainwall

Custom ACCQ-WALL Storefront Framing System

Square 37, District of Columbia

Location: Washington, DC

Architect: TENArquitectos, Washington, DC
WDG Architecture PLLC

ACCUNIT Fixed Window System

300 South Tryon Hotel

Location: Charlotte, NC

Architect: Cooper Carry, Atlanta, GA

ACCQ-WALL Curtainwall Framing System

ARION-WALL Unitized Curtainwall System

Federal Courthouse

Location: Austin, TX

Architect: Mack Scogin Merrill Elam, Atlanta, GA

PATRIOT Unitized Curtainwall


Location: Greenwood Village, CO

Architect: Davis Architect, Denver, CO

ACCUNIT Fixed Window System


Location: Houston, TX

Architect: Kirksey, Houston, TX

ACCQ-WALL Curtainwall Framing System

ARION-WALL Unitized Curtainwall System

Bunker Hill

Location: Houston, TX

Architect: Morris Architects, Houston, TX

ACCUNIT High Performance Window System

ACCQ-WALL Custom Curtainwall system

ARION WALL Unitized Curtainwall system

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